Monday, May 17, 2021

Chili Con Carne with a buttered roll. 6.50

Italian Wedding Soup  12 oz. - 3.99 or 16 oz. - 4.99

Macaroni & Cheese with a buttered roll. We make ours with five cheeses but mostly with our extra sharp McCaddam Cheddar! 8.99

The Pilgrim - a grilled panini sandwich made with turkey, hot stuffing, cranberry sauce on a croissant with gravy on the side for dipping.  7.99

Falafel Salad Special - Made to order fresh falafel balls over romaine lettuce with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and tzatziki sauce on the side. 8.99

Grilled Chicken Wrap - Sliced grilled chicken and pepper jack cheese toasted on a garlic herb wrap and topped with lettuce, tomato and a generous spread of avocado cream sauce.  7.99

New York Deli Combo Sandwich - Thinly sliced corn beef and pastrami on our marble rye with Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing.  7.39

In the Deli Case: Always! - Our Potato, Macaroni and Coleslaw, made with our Hellmann's mayo from scratch dressings.
Ambrosia Salad - Is it a salad or dessert? Marshmallows, mandarins, pineapple, coconut all in a creamy mix - an old fashioned favorite.
Rice Pudding
Antipasto  -
a favorite made with mixed Italian meats and cheeses
Pasta Salad - get your fresh veggies - tomato, broccoli, celery, red and green peppers.