Thursday, January 21, 2020

Cream of Asparagus Soup                                      Small 3.99
Minestrone                                                             Large 4.99

Chili Con Carne with a buttered roll. 6.50

Hot Meatball - The Classic - meatballs served hot in marinara sauce, topped with generous amounts of mozzarella. 6"sub 5.99 12"sub 7.99

Today's Sandwich - Boar's Head Mesquite Smoked Turkey and Muenster cheese with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a hard roll. Served with your choice of a side salad: potato, pasta, macaroni or coleslaw. 6.59

Today's Wrap - Boar's Head Ham and Swiss cheese with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a white wrap. 6.89

Today's Panini - The Beefeater - Griffin's roast beef, Boar's Head horseradish cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and Boar's Head horseradish cream sauce grilled on our marble rye bread. 7.59

Today's Salad -  Spinach Salad - Fresh baby spinach, egg wedges, bacon, tomato, shredded cheddar, fresh mushroom slices, red onion, and croutons with Ranch dressing on the side. 7.99

Wing Ding Snacker - 6 pieces served with your choice of dipping sauce. 4.99
Southern Style Battered Corn Nuggets served with Ranch dressing. 3.99
Sweet Potato Fries. 4.75